How many different partners will you need to engage with to create the three-element success strategy for your business?

Mass Ventures Corporation helps companies like yours thrive by assisting them in implementing the three elements of business success.

Growing your business is not complicated. But it does require an effective strategy that includes the three elements of business success in an increasingly online world. While a single element of this strategy may yield some short-term results, long term ongoing success requires the consistent application of all three elements. The three elements of business success are:

  1. A Compelling Value Proposition that demonstrates that your products and/or services create measurable value for customers
  2. A scalable and flexible web technology platform that syncs well with robust ecommerce capabilities
  3. A commitment to building an online community


A Compelling Value Proposition for Your Products and/or Services

You know your products and services and how effective they are. But how well do your customers understand your value proposition? Does the value created by your products and services align with your customers’ perception of the price they pay and the benefit they receive?

Your value proposition should be front and center for each of your products and services. If it is not, you are missing a golden opportunity to build customer loyalty and turn your customers into your best sales people.


A Scalable and Flexible Web Technology Platform That Syncs With Robust Ecommerce Capabilities

Your technology platform consists of a highly functional, interactive web site, applications that support sales and marketing and customer engagement and your ecommerce capabilities. Your technology plays a key role in creating a web experience that will help bring your visitors and customers back over and over again. But if all you have is an old outdated web site with a history of abandoned carts, its time to rethink your strategy.


A Commitment to Building Your Online Community

It’s no secret that people buy from people they trust. But how does one build that trust in a world where technological innovation is replacing face to face conversations?

Building a trust relationship with customers and potential customers requires giving your web site visitors a reason to come back to your site and that requires creating engagement with them. One of the best ways to do that is to provide fresh content that is informative, entertaining, uplifting and occasionally a bit unusual.

To often companies build their web sites only for the purpose of selling. The problem with that is that if a potential customer is not ready to buy they will see no reason to come back until they are. But in the meantime, they may go to a competitor’s site and find the kind of content we are speaking of here and never make it back to your site, choosing instead to buy from the place with which they now feel a powerful connection. What good is a shopping cart if visitors never come back to your site to make their purchases? And this applies whether you are selling direct to consumers or to other businesses. You do not want your company to be viewed as the used car salesman of the Internet.

Now that you know what you need, let’s re-ask the question we asked at the beginning: How many different partners will you need to engage with to create the three-element success strategy for your business?


If you choose to partner with Mass Ventures Corp. the answer is ONE!

To find out how we do that for our clients and how we can do it for you, call Lynn at 954-647-3554 or Marcello at 954-651-8218.




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