About Us

Our Story

qtq50-6Jqf7QWe began as a boutique website company in the mid nighties. Early on, we moved into corporate and enterprise consulting, supporting mega projects for fortune 500 companies. In the resent past, we have re-focused our attention in digital marketing and technology for small and mid-cap publicly traded companies at the verge of going big. We find the most enjoyment in supporting these companies grow to their full potential.


Growing your business is at the heart of our business. As partners in your growth we share in your success and you in ours. As your value increases so does ours because our business relationship with your company creates a vested interest in your success.


Our mission is to support the increase of the value of your company to your customers and shareholders.

Meet the Team

Marcello Jaspan

Founder & CEO Digital Investor Relations, eCommerce and Lead Software Architect


Lynn J. Everard

Vice President Content Developer, Business Operations Analyst, Supply Chain


Candise Miller

Chief Strategist Website and Digital Marketing SME


Next Steps…

We invite you to learn about the Mass Ventures Corp way of doing business. We’re pretty sure that you will discover that it is the way you have always wanted to do business, but never found the right partner. Are we right for everyone? No. But the real question is this. Are we right for you? Call us. Let’s have a conversation and see where it leads. Connect